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As one season ends and another begins, we thought we would look at some of the supposed last words that are attributed to notable figures throughout history and maybe even dispel a few myths at the same time.

Marie Antoinette, French Queen
People seem to think that her last words were “Let them eat cake” but actually, there is no evidence that she ever said the phrase. Her actual last words were “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.” In response to standing on the foot of her executioner.

George Harrison, Musician and member of the Beatles
“Love one another” – it is believed he said this to his wife and son who were present.

Alexander Hamilton, American statesman (you may know him from the musical, Hamilton)
It wasn’t in the musical, but Alexander Hamilton’s last words were “Remember my Eliza, you are a Christian.” Said to his wife, Eliza, after being shot in a duel.

Spencer Perceval, UK Prime Minister
Spencer Perceval is the only British Prime Minister that has ever been associated. He was heard to say “Oh” after being shot at in 1812.

Jane Austen, Novelist
Jane’s sister, Cassandra, stated that Jane’s last words were “I want nothing but death,” after being asked if she wanted anything.

William Wilberforce, British politician
William Wilberforce was one of the main campaigners for ending slavery in Britain, something he fought for until the end. It is recorded that his last words were “Thank God that I have lived to see the day when England is willing to give twenty millions for the abolition of slavery.”

Benjamin Disraeli, UK Prime Minister
Disraeli was known as being Queen Victoria’s favourite prime minister, she knew that his health was failing and wanted to see him, however, he declined her visit saying: “No, better not. She will only ask me to take a message to Albert.”

Queen Victoria, British monarch
Speaking of Victoria, her son and grandson, who sat with her through her final days, said the last thing they heard her say was “Bertie.”

Oscar Wilde, Playwright
Perhaps one of the most famous last words are attributed to Oscar Wilde who said: “My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has to go.”




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