As one of the largest counties in England, it is hardly surprising that Yorkshire has an abundance of history to explore. From ties to the War of the Roses to world famous churches and even a ghost shop, there is loads to explore in the city of York!

Though it is a small city, York is full of history and heritage. The city was initially founded by the Romans and has some of the best sites in the county.

York Minister

One of the largest gothic structures in Northern Europe and one of the best kept cathedrals in the world.

Clifford’s Tower
Originally built by William the Conqueror, this castle was burned down twice but has stood there since the time of Henry III.

The Shambles

A 14th century walkway full of a fascinating array of shops and quirky, timber framed buildings.

The City Walls

The walls have surrounded the city since Roman times and are the longest town walls in England.

Dick Turpin’s Grave

There is just one stone in this graveyard belonging to famed highwayman Dick Turpin.




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