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The UK government has been warned that Stone Henge could be added to the World Heritage in Danger register if current plans to place a tunnel under it continue. 

At the session in Fuzhou, China, the World Heritage Committee expressed concern that the current plans to improve the A303 and place a tunnel under the attraction was a "potential threat to the property" that could have "deleterious effects on its inherent characteristics, notably to its integrity." The committee have given the UK government until 1st February 2022 to amend the plans in order to deliver "the best available outcome for the Outstanding Universal Value of the property" and if not, they would place Stonehenge on the heritage in danger list at its next meeting. 

Responding to the warning, a spokesperson for English Heritage, told reporters: "Stonehenge is one of the most important prehistoric landscapes in the world, but for far too long it has been cut in two by a major road. We've already seen the enormous improvement brought about by removing the A344 and the inappropriate old visitor facilities next to the stone. Removing the A303 will completely reunite the ancient landscape and allow everyone to understand Stonehenge better. People will at last be able to explore the wider countryside surrounding the stones, including all the many other fascinating prehistoric manuments. 
"English Heritage will continue to work closely with heritage partners, Highways England and Wiltshire Council to ensure that the final road scheme is the best available outcome for the World Heritage site, minimising harm and maximising its benefits."

Historic England has said that they welcome the opportuntiy for the government to provide an updated report on the conservation of the site. 

The Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site, part of the Stonehenge Alliance, claims that the proposed tunnel scheme will have a detrimental impact on the ancient site and believes that the approval of the scheme from the Transport Secretary was unlawful. A judicial review is now underway and a verdict is expected soon. 




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