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  • Are you ready for English Tourism Week
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    Are you ready for English Tourism Week

    English Tourism Week is back for 2022 and kicks off on 18th March! The annual campaign celebrates the diverse and vibrant tourism industry across England and gives holiday makers and industry professions the chance to raise awareness of English destinations.

  • image shows a dog winning an award
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    The history of dog ownership

    As this month marks the anniversary of the first ever Crufts and as it is believed that one in every four households in Britain has a dog, including our own Mrs Hudson, we thought we’d take a brief look at the history of how the dog became man’s best friend.

  • Happy St David’s Day
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    Happy St David’s Day

    1st March marks St David’s Day – an important date in the Welsh calendar. Here at Visit Heritage, we’re celebrating by telling you a couple of facts about Britain’s only native-born patron saint.

  • The UK’s most eccentric traditions

    The UK’s most eccentric traditions

    Everyone knows that us Brits are charmingly eccentric and our traditional events are no different. Yes, we have all the regular festivals that you might expect, but there are a few that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

  • Why do we celebrate Pancake Day?
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    Why do we celebrate Pancake Day?

    For many of us, Pancake Day is the highlight of spring, a chance to indulge in a sweet (or savoury) treat and the many themed events, like pancake races or pancake tossing competitions or other games involving cakes made of batter. If you’ve ever wondered where Pancake Day came from and why we celebrate it, read on!

  • History of St Valentine’s Day

    History of St Valentine’s Day

    All across the world on 14th February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day – a day where we celebrate the loved ones in our lives – but where did the tradition come from and how did it become such a staple part of our calendar?

  • Woolly mammoth discovered in Devon
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    Woolly mammoth discovered in Devon

    The remains of a woolly mammoth and a number of other ice age remains have been discovered during development of a new town located near Plymouth. The remains were found in a cave and include a mammoth, a woolly rhinoceros, a wolf and a hyena, all of which are thought to date back to around 30,000 – 60,000 years ago.

  • How well do you know Robert Burns?
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    How well do you know Robert Burns?

    Every January, primarily in Scotland, but there are celebrations held all over the UK, we come together to enjoy a traditional meal of haggis, neeps and tatties to celebrate the birthday of Robert Burns, one of Scotland’s most famous poets. During the festivities, we drink whiskey (his drink of choice), recite poetry and generally have a lovely time. To prepare you for this year’s Burns Night, here is everything you need to know about Robert Burns and his life.

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