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  • Horrific History: Medicine, hospitals and doctors

    Horrific History | Medicine, hospitals and doctors

    There have been many horrific tales through history, from gruesome medical practices to bizarre punishments and even some very questionable cleaning habits. Today, we’ll be looking at those gruesome medical practices – so many sure you’re not eating while reading this! Also apologies to anyone with an upcoming doctor’s appointment, we promise, modern medicine is nowhere near as horrific!

  • History of Coronations

    History of Coronations

    This month we’re celebrating the Coronation of a new monarch, so we thought we’d dive back in time and take a look at the history of coronations. We suspect the new king’s might be slightly different to that of the two previous King Charles!

  • Sections of Roman wall in London given protected status

    Sections of Roman wall in London given protected status

    Three sections of a large Roman wall discovered under the City of London have been given protected status as scheduled national monuments. The wall is believed to have been built in the 3rd Century along the River Thames and connected to the city’s landward fortifications, large sections of which still exist today.

  • Buckingham Palace

    Were all our monarchs born in London?

    As the coronation approaches and we’re about to see in a new monarch, we thought we’d take a look at where each of our monarchs was born. You might think they were all born in London, but that wasn’t always the case, you might be surprised about where many of them entered the world – let’s read on to find out more!

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