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  • Sulgrave Manor exterior

    Mrs Hudson's Stars & Stripes

    It’s exam revision time in our house so I escaped to London; I might have been in Manhattan for the number of Yankee accents around. London is full of Americans!

  • Chippendale Writing Desk Temple Newsam

    Mrs Hudson and The Chippendales

    I’ve just googled Chippendale and been offered a choice of mahogany-tanned young men in the buff. Tsk! I wanted Thomas Chippendale, Britain’s most celebrated furniture maker, not The Chippendales in their teeny weeny shorts.  Buffed in a different way, perhaps.

  • Scotland - Dunvegan Castle

    Mrs Hudson's Scottish Youth

    Visit Scotland have declared 2018 ‘The Year of Young People’. Here are some ideas for Scottish places to follow the youth of the past; if you want to entertain today’s youth, there’ll be plenty of ideas under What’s On!

  • Snowdrops at Nymans

    Mrs Hudson's Snowdrop Walk

    It’s happened! There is always a day when you spot the first snowdrop and know that Spring is on the way.  I have just seen my first out on a walk with Walpole, so now I know that the time has come to plan a Snowdrop Walk.  Many heritage gardens open specially to show off their snowdrops and I know of no better way to say goodbye to winter. Here’s a baker’s dozen of top snowdrop gardens this year.

  • Mrs Hudson Suffragette

    Mrs Hudson Suffragette

    With the anniversary of votes for (some) women on 6 February followed by International Women’s Day on 8 March, are you asking yourself what you would have done when the suffragettes were on the rampage? As a bit of a thank you to them, I thought I’d share with you my top six political women who did get involved and whose stories you can trace at historic places in Britain this year.

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