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  • image shows st pauls cathedral
    In history

    10 facts about St Paul’s Cathedral

    St Paul’s Cathedral opened on 2nd December 1697 in London and since then has been one of the most recognisable places in the capital. To celebrate the anniversary of its opening, here are ten things you should know about St Paul’s Cathedral.

  • image shows christmas pudding
    In history

    Forgotten British Christmas traditions

    When it comes to Christmas, we all have our own family traditions, but there are some things that we expect to happen. Christingle services at the local church, Christmas lights appearing in the high street, but did you know there are some traditions that have been lost to history? Here are some of Britain’s forgotten festive traditions.

  • image shows the millennium centre in cardiff with text overlaid

    The best of historic Cardiff

    South Wales and the country’s capital, Cardiff, is a haven for historical attractions and glimpses into Wales’ past, despite the city being one of the youngest capital cities in Europe. Don’t let that fool you, there are over 2000 year’s worth of history to be found here and South Wales has one of the largest collections of castles in the British Isles.

  • image shows the houses of parliament
    In history

    The life and times of Nancy Astor, England’s first female MP

    In a by-election on 19th November 1919, history was made when the people of Plymouth Sutton replaced their previous MP with his wife, creating the first female MP to sit in parliament. This is a brief look at the life of Nancy Astor, a trail blazer for women in politics.

  • image shows the statue at the top of nelson's column
    In history

    Everything you need to know about Nelson’s Column

    Did you know that this month marks the 178th year that Lord Nelson’s statue has looked over Trafalgar Square in London? The column is now one of London’s most recognisable landmarks so to mark the occasion, here’s some fun facts to wow your friends with next time you’re walking through Trafalgar Square.

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